Tripod JUST allowed the use of subdirectories. Please excuse the temporary mess as I logically redo my directory structure. Full funtionality will soon be restored. Thank you for your patience!! In the mean time, go check out Doug's page as he goes through his 'color phase'. ;^)

Yeah, I KNOW it's bad design to have a blinking text, but sometimes even those of us that know better can't resist the temptation!! ;^) NEW STUFF!!!
Manager's guide to the Internet
Classic F-body FAQ
Saint Louis '99
Check out my 3d cube!!
Check out my slide show!!
My Car Featured!!
ET/MPH Calculator
ET/MPH Correction
LS1 in '68 Corvette Retrofit
My '67 Camaro RS/SS
I have a friend named Doug.
Doug has a bizarre sense of humor.
He also has a '68 RS/SS Camaro.
Check it out!!

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