The Manager's Guide to the Internet

by Jack Wendel

You've seen the Internet for Dummies and Idiot's Guide to the Internet,
right? Well, in the continual search for the least common denominator
(LCD) I present the MANAGER'S Guide to the Internet!! Now, you just
can't get any simpler than that can you?

The Manager's Guide to HTML (HyperText Markup Language)
(This is the stuff that makes web pages know what to show.)

The Manager's Guide to CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
(This is the stuff that makes it easier for web pages know what to show.)

The Manager's Guide to JavaScript
(This allows you to write programs for your pages.)

Some old JavaScript applets I got from somewhere.

Someone else's JavaScript that I accidently found while making a link.


Image Optimizer - ZDNet (Also tools to check: Browser, HTML, Links, Load and Spell)

Browser Sizer/Browser Master

Palm Pilot

Palm Pilot homepage

Free Palm Pilot Software

The following are my resources for web development:

Secrets of Sucessful Web Design - David Siegel

Macmillan Publishing: Maximum Internet Security - A Hacker's Guide

'Free' CBT Courses?

Macmillan Publishing: 'Free' books on line?

DHTML - Inside Dynamic HTML

DHTML - Inside Dynamic HTML alternate site

HTML Live - Qwik HTML reminder with Practice Window

Project Cool

CSS in Five Minutes

Web Developer's Virtual Library

Project Cool Qwik Reference

Old Web Guide

dlea's Home Page (several web links)

Buffer Link

Special Characters:

Web Developers Virtual Library - Special Characters

Project Cool HTML Tag Table Qwik Reference

VERY common escape characters used are:  
 (The semi-colon at the end of the expression is not required, but 
  allows you to eliminate spaces between characters).  

Desired Character         Code Required   

     <                          &lt;  
     >                          &gt;  
     /                          &#47;  

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