Classic F-body FAQ

This page is the start of the Frequently asked Questions for the Classic F-body mailing list.

This page specifically deals with MODIFIED or RESTIFIED f-bodies. Links to pages for restored f-bodies will be supplied later.

All Classic F-bodies (1967 - 1981)

Are long connecting rods worth the cost?
What can I do to reduce emissions for testing?
Octane booster
Roller Cams
HEI conversion
Alternator with internal regulator

First Generation F-bodies (1967 - 1969)

Future page - 2nd Gen 10 bolt conversion
Future page - Front disk brake conversion
Future page - Rear disk brake conversion

Second Generation F-bodies (1970 - 1981)

Will Second Gen Subframes Interchange?

Automotive Formulas

Best in Texas

Bruce Bowling's page
More automotive formulas than you ever DREAMED of!! 8^)

Off Topic but Interesting Anyway

Flywheel batteries


First Gen Firebird Page

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