Roller Cams

This question comes from Ross and the commentary is from Kerry (roller cams are a whole other can o' worms!) in SOMEWHERE:

> Local free ad rag has "Comp roller lifters $300", he didn't have the PN
> handy as they were at his place of work, anyhow, I have no idea what US
> prices are on roller lifters, local cam/lifter combos are $560US for a

I paid $250-$260 US for Comp roller lifters last year from Summit. The
roller cam was about the same price.

> roller setup here in BC, Canada.  Normally if I buy US I save a fair bit
> over local pricing though.  So wanted to find out what typical roller
> lifter set pricing is?  Found little to no info in any of my mail order
> catalogs.  I'm toying w/ buying these and then only needing a roller cam
> and button etc (have a mixed set of roller rockers).

With the extra lift of the roller cam and the 1.6:1 rockers, you need to
make sure you measure valve guide to retainer and piston-valve clearance
carefully. My roller cam gives me the maximum lift I can handle (due to
retainer-guide clearance) with only 1.52:1 rockers. If I put 1:6's on, I
would bend the pushrods before the engine even started.

Of course, valvetrain geometry also changes and you need different pushrods
with the longer roller lifters. There are a few, expensive, SOLID roller
lifter sets that can use the stock pushrod length, but it is impossible
with hydraulic rollers.

One last thing to check with the cam manufacturer: Most roller cams are
billet steel and require you to run a bronze distributor gear and either a
bronze-tipped or roller fuel pump pushrod, if you use a mechanical fuel
pump. My Comp cam has a special gear and pump-drive lobe, so this stuff
wasn't necessary.

                                    - Kerry (roller cams are a whole other
can o' worms!)

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