Octane Booster


>>>What do you think is in alot of the off-the-shelf octane boosters?
>>I think it's a smaller can of less dangerous poison that you do not have
>>to play with.
>>I'm not scared of it, it's just that why do it? Do you have kids? Do you
>>want that stuff lying around? There is just no need for it.
>The fact remains that many off-the-shelf octane boosters are mostly
>toluene. Paying 6 bucks for a little can of it is ridiculous when you can
>get a gallon for $8. Especially since you have to use a pretty high
>conentration of it to get any benefit. On the octane booster can, it might
>say "raises octane by X points"... what they don't tell you is that a
>"point" is a tenth of one octane. So if it says it increases octane by 8
>points and you have 93 octane gas, that's only 93.8. The recipe that was
>posted is on the GN/TType website somewhere, but I couldn't find it just
>now... it gives the data on how much is required to achieve a certain
>octane increase.

Here's the url for the homebrew octane booster is:

Standard disclamers apply.


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