Emmisions Testing Tips & Tricks

Possible suggestions for reducing emission levels for emission testing are:

Ken Reimer wrote:

> Hi List,
>         I have to get 2 of my vehicles Emission Tested this afternoon.
> My 67 Firebird 400 and my 87 Fiero with V8 Conversion. Over the years
> I've heard many claims from different sources that are supposed to help
> reduce emissions. Here are a few of them:
> -Run the carb as lean as possible and still keep it running
> -Change air filter
> -Run timing slightly retarded
> -Fill the tank with high octane gas
> -Add a litre/quart of Methyl Hydrate (Alcohol) to the Fuel
> Does anybody have any experience with these or any other tips or tricks
> to reduce emmisions, or any suggestions about what might work to reduce
> emmisions? Thanks in advance.

I can vouch for the Alcohol.
I had a old van with duel tanks.
Ran one tank almost empty,
then I added a few bottles of Iso. HEET.
Drove up on the reg. gas,switched to the HEET tank while in line.
The van had over 150,000 miles on it and failed the previous tests.
It passed the test easily.

Of course the above statement is for entertainment purposes only
and I would never really do anything illegal! 

let your engine get as hot as possible before being tested.  this allows
more of the harmful emissions to be burnt away.  I had to get my 86 Z past,
so i temporarily hooked my fan up to a switch, and bypassed the electric

I think it is the amount of alcohol in the gas that helps, not all high
octane has this.  Usually the cheaper gas stations have it in their high
octane gas.  In addition, slightly faster idle, new plugs, and new oil help.

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