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1. What do we call the large "network of networks" of computers that are linked to each other?
   a. Internet
   b. World Wide Web
   c. Navigator
2. What part of the Internet allows us to view and hear text, pictures, video and audio?
   a. Routers
   b. World Wide Web
   c. HTML
3. What is the software that your computer requires for you to explore the World Wide Web?
   a. Search Engine
   b. Browser
   c. Portal
4. What programming language is most commonly used to create web pages?
   a. Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)
   b. Visual Basic (VB)
   c. File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
5. What is the first page that you see when you open a web browser application?
   a. Setup page
   b. Index page
   c. Home page
6. This is just one part of the Internet.
   a. World Wide Web
   b. Modem
   c. Browser
7. These are web addresses that define where specific information is located.
   a. Hyperlinks or links
   b. Routers
   c. Uniform Resource Locators (URLs)
8. Web pages always begin with the following:
   a. ftp://
   b. http://
   c. url://
9. A ".com" at the end of a domain name indicates:
   a. A communication site
   b. A commercial business
   c. A common web address
10. If your computer freezes up while opening a web page, what steps can you take to re-start the process?
   a. Press Control-Alt-Delete
   b. Click on Start, then click on Run
   c. Click on Stop, then click on Refresh (also known as Reload)
11. These allow you to go quickly to a new web location with a single click of the mouse.
   a. Java applets
   b. Hyperlinks or links
   c. Routers
12. Clicking on these allow you to revisit pages that you see in the current session.
   a. Start and Refresh (also known as Reload) buttons
   b. Backward and Forward buttons
   c. Scroll bars
13. Hyperlinks, or links, can appear as:
   a. Text
   b. Graphics
   c. Both
14. Two ways to find information are:
   a. Browsers and applications
   b. Internet directories and search engines
   c. Routers and Uniform Resource Locators (URLs)
15. This contains a database of Web pages and an index of key words.
   a. Seach engine
   b. Uniform Resource Locator (URL)
   c. Browser
16. To search for something on the web, you can enter criteria in the form of:
   a. Words
   b. Phrases
   c. Both
17. Moving the mouse pointer over a link changes the pointer from an arrow to:
   a. A pointing hand
   b. A blinking cursor
   c. An hourglass
18. In the web address, the part of the address that says "" refers to:
   a. The document name
   b. The index name
   c. The domain name
19. In the web address, the part of the address that says "kids.html" refers to:
   a. The document name
   b. The index name
   c. The domain name
20. Clicking on a link in the Bookmarks list (in Netscape Navigator) or Favorites list (in Microsoft Internet Explorer) will:
   a. Add a new web page to the list
   b. Take you to that web page
   c. Delete a web page from the list


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